Laser Cutting Services

Eddie’s Welding, Inc. offers laser cutting services to OEMs as well as customers in the waste industry, recreation industry, farm industry and furniture industry. We have both CO2 and Fiber lasers to handle all jobs, from big to small. We can do large production runs, or smaller jobs to suit each individual need.

Laser Technology allows us to produce extremely accurate parts with minimal cleaning involved and enables us to replicate those parts with the same accuracy. We use CAD/CAM programs to transfer data to the machine. We have the ability to cut from many different materials such as: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Ferrous Metals, AR Plate, Tool Steel, Brass, Copper etc..

Our Machines are capable of cutting 5’x10′ material. We can accept DXF, DWG, STP, SolidWorks files and more. If you do not have files available, we can do in house design. Contact us for a laser cutting quote today.

Metal Bending Services

If you are looking for sheet metal bending services in the Carolinas, then you have come to the right place. We have the ability to bend material up to 14 ft. long. We use CNC brake presses that provide accurate bends within 1 degree accuracy on most parts. With our Adira 240 ton press and our 350 ton Cincinnati press brake, we can bend a variety of parts accurate precision. We have the capability to handle a few small parts or thousands of parts.

Product Design

When the need arises for a company to take a project from start to finish, Eddie’s Welding, Inc. is your complete design resource. Today’s modern technology, allows us to formulate products to meet your needs and your clients needs. Our designers collaborate with you to conceptualize, design and manufacture the components you require. We can produce prototypes to be sure you are satisfied with the final product before committing fully to a project, allowing you to save time and money. Come to us with a simple sketch, a cardboard template, or a full set of drawings and we will provide you with the means necessary to take your idea from scratch to its final form.

Metal Rolling

Not only do we have the ability to bend and form metal, but we also have the capability to roll metal. We can roll material up to 6ft long and up to 3/16″ thick. For smaller items, we can potentially roll 1/4″ thick. We use our roller to build Hoppers, Ductwork, Bag Houses, Cyclones, rolled tanks and more.


Eddie’s Welding, Inc. specializes in welding. We support various industries throughout the Carolinas with our expertise in welding various materials from carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. We have the capability to MIG Weld, Stick Weld and TIG weld. Our team of experts will evaluate your project and determine which process is best suited for your application.


We are primarily a welding fabrication and manufacturing shop, but we do have machining capabilities as well. We have two 3 axis mills that can produce a variety of machined parts. If the part is beyond our capabilities, we work closely with multiple local machine shops to machine the parts you need.